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  • ACCORD and Pôle Logistique

    A unique and innovative approach – in partnership with the industry:

    Champlain College, the Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre, and the MDEIE have joined forces to propose a unique and innovative recognition and training model to Quebec businesses who required the services of transportation and logistics specialists.

    This new model will allow businesses to have their employees remain active workers while being evaluated and trained on-site for all of the competencies of Champlain’s Specialist in Transportation and Logistics AEC – LCA.CB.

    Champlain College’s expertise in T&L

    As per its mission, Champlain College, “through its unique multiregional structure, responds to the needs of diverse linguistic and cultural communities and contributes to the educational and socio-economic development of the regions of Quebec …’’.

    Over the past four decades Champlain College has developed a reputation for excellence and responsiveness to the needs of the community through its continuing education department. The College has built a highly successful training program in the area of transportation and logistics and is rapidly becoming one of the leaders in RAC in Quebec. Our success is due in large part to the quality and experience of our faculty in the transportation and logistics sector. Combined, our faculty has over a hundred years of practical experience in the industry allowing them to ensure that all training is practical and rooted in real industry needs.

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