Information Technology Network Management DEC (420.AC)

RAC for Information Technology Network Management (ITNM) is for people who have a significant amount of work or life experience in the field of IT network management, and wish to have their skills officially recognized by a Quebec college. ITNM candidates generally have specific, specialized skills in the areas of network installation, migration, inventory management, component configuration, performance verification, network supervision and security management. Often, they work, or have been working in positions such as:

network administrator network manager network supervisor web technician data centre operator computer network technician ... Read more

Other candidates have acquired strong technical and administrative skills through their life and wish to see them formally recognized. Champlain’s RAC services can help those individuals obtain an official diploma (DEC – Diplôme d’études collégiales) by assessing their current competencies, and providing them with training for the ones they are lacking.

Cost: Maximum $575*

* For specific competencies only. General Education competencies must be taken in another institution.

If you have experience in most of the items listed below, you could be a good RAC candidate:

  1. Analyze the work environment, functions, challenges and needs.
  2. Solve and apply mathematical problems and concepts as they pertain to computer networks.
  3. Install and optimize hardware, software, operating systems and network technologies.
  4. Use a programming language in the development of object-oriented tools.
  5. Apply research methodologies in order to obtain pertinent information on network needs.
  6. Interact and communicate in a work environment, using conflict negotiation skills and a client-based approach.
  7. Apply, analyze and evaluate the essential facts, concepts, procedures and architectures relating to the design and implementation of computer networks and applications/tools.
  8. Plan, design and install networks and their related services using an algorithmic approach.
  9. Analyze and evaluate existing network architectures and infrastructures.
  10. Implement modifications to existing networks, or build new networks through evaluation, planning and selection of hardware and software.
  11. Supervise the operation of a network, manage inventory as well as personnel.
  12. Provide support to network users and troubleshoot network problems.
  13. Manage staff and log all necessary changes in order to ensure the quality of work.
  14. Ensure the evolution of a computer network through the evaluation of both network and business needs.


Saturdays (with exceptions)
9am to 4pm
Duration: 8 to 12 months

However, these schedules can also be customized to meet each candidate’s needs.


Send your CV for assessment An advisor will get back to you shortly.

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